Shooting Problems

Just been watching a video by the great Gregory Heisler, expelling some shooting problems he had doing a Time Magazine cover. Whilst he went over the technical aspects, his biggest concern was, would the subject agree to the shot at all.

I get this. Whilst we have the inevitable technical glitch (don't talk to me about the Hasseblad H system meets P30 tethered..), the biggest shoot issues these days tend to be getting the subject to acquiesce and embrace our vision. I think part of why I get hired is that usually, I bring back that which we set out to achieve.

Being a portrait photographer, especially working in editorial, it is crucial to have the photos worked out in your mind ahead of the game. Sure, things change and the unknown could be a triumph, but transferring your belief in a visual idea is so much easier if you can explain the end result with conviction.

My brief stint as an Assistant (I was crap) was worthwhile if only for me to see a photographer walk into a blank boring white office, and within a few minutes, have three different shots ready to go. And I mean different. mind you, he had no social skills, but that's another story..

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