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Into the light

Time to revive my personal project I think. The only way to move my work on, is to find out what I come up with when there is no commission to adhere to. Pilots here we come!

The art of the Echo pose

Finally released from the vault marked 'bad no hair day'.

Love it live

Wonderful night of music from 'Florrie' the other night. She is and will be a star.Florrie - Drummer, Singer & Songwriter

Sign of the times?

Funny what you snap before you leave for the airport. Mind you, my Czech is not what it was.


Tremendous week building up to a 2 day mega shoot with the stars of the stage. No shows abounded but the Frankenstein boys were amazing. Working from my sketches as well as improvised scenarios, the cast managed to (hopefully) remain energised. Just can't wait to see the final edit. More details soon!

Farrigdon-what happened?


It's cold outside

Trying to shoot in January outside in the UK.