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Elisabeth Sladen

Shared a cup of tea with this wonderful lady last year. Here's a pic I shot from way back. RIP.

London & Partners shoot

Great fun, but all this clobber needs to get up on the roof somehow..

Back & Forth

Not living in the big smog has its upside, but the travel is a bore. Still, it means I end up staring at the oddest things on the way to meetings.


Here we go then. 1 day shoot tomorrow at a London location house (very nice apart from the dog poop in the garden we want to use).
The timing sums up the day to day life of portrait photography these days:
Drawings/ideas complete. On set 8am, subject arrives 9am, make up/styling, stills shoot starts 10.30am once I have figured out how to erect a Briese light. 3 set ups completed by 12. Lunch? Yeah right. Switch to video crew direction. 6 scenarios shoot inside and out. Wrap subject at 4,30pm with a fine cup of tea. Cut away shots on main cameras + my 5d. It will be brilliant.
This is why you will never find a fat photographer. I thank you.

Hello April

Been full on recently: Office move to the 'Bunker' which has gone well and a wealth of great shoots. Ended up throwing out 20 years of magazines which was not easy physically or emotionally, but I have decided only to keep all my covers.Excitement today as news filtered through that I have been asked to direct a short video of a famous author. So onwards and upwards in this digital world. Here's one of my recent published pics which I had almost forgotten about as it was shot a while back, in a tremendous hurry-is it any other way with TV? Loving the Who still though, especially as I have shot almost all of the Time Lords now.