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I thank you

Another year and my final job shot with Mary Portas. More point, click, wind, to come I hope and more video I believe x

Minor twitter

I've joined the ranks of finger pushers urgent to share my every whim with you, and will now be available on Twitter, known as 'SnapperHarrison'. Funny how your own name is always gone these days.

Imagine the trip to the bottle bank!

These bottles are one man's drinking from a month and you can't even see the spirits. I had to have a drink I was so taken aback.

Colour balance?

I found this old pic as I was looking for syndication submissions this morning, and have spent ages trying to resolve this issue: Just what colour balance is Philip Green? Being as how I am of pasty stock and he has seen a ton of sun, I just can't get him looking right, but maybe this is the truth after all..

And finally, the video. Note photographer's bum

What do you mean the snow's not real?

'daddy, what do you do all day at work?' Well, this is what our dear Tom Gormer at the mag made of it all-BEHIND THE SCENES WITH NIGELLAThe inside story of this week's cover shoot Stylist's Photography Director Tom Gormer - and now cover star, sort of - reveals 10 things he learnt on our Nigella Lawson photoshoot 1. The theme of the Stylist shoot was a ‘behind the scenes’ of Nigella's Christmas, hence my cameo appearance on the cover, blasting fake snow all over the studio. Best. Job. Ever.2. What you don’t see is the snow machine is leaking and I am covered in a weird smelling liquid chemical3. Nigella keeps little bags of retro sweet in her handbag. She gave me a cola cube. Twice!4. A very long discussion was had about the perfect chip. French fries? Homemade proper chips? Chip shop chips? This was before I had seen the brilliant episode of Nigella Kitchen where she ‘cooks’ chip shop chips in bread with hummus.5. I was also under STRICT instructions not to get any …


Sometimes lighting is the only way to illustrate a story. This shot is of a gent who found himself taken from his luxuary lifestyle in Dubai and imprisoned under hideous conditions on a flimsy charge. He still seemed to be in shock from it. The client had booked a glitzy studio and needed to layout a DPS from it. This was one of my solutions.

The long drive was worth it

York and back in a day is a heck of a drive, especially when one is trying to do a covershoot in a corner of a vestry at York Minster. However, here it is in all it's glory. First shoot with my new Profoto flash heads. Still yet to pay for them.