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Radio Times-Who again

The Who: First of two sequential morning shoots at Big Sky Studios a couple of months ago.
The shoots are forever frantic-and this one was no different. The pressure is on for shoots like these, with the need to produce a large variety of imagery in a fixed small amount of time. You are given a time slot to shoot in, which is fixed even if they are late. We therefore draw up a wish list of shots needed, given that this could be the only access this season. I plan the lighting positions and set ups rather like a dance, with Assistants rehearsing moving equipment and files seamlessly so that we go straight on from one shot to the next. Everything is written on sheets pinned to a polyboard and crossed off as we complete them.
Jena & Matt are both good at the whole performance bit, although the shot on the floor (done in the last few mins), was more tricky than it looks: Standing on a ladder, you need their chins to be raised a bit and their shoulders down as if they are standing. &#…