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I got the proof of this to approve yesterday, and today I see it listed on Amazon. That's speedy. These shots of Mr Corden were tail ended in 10 frames onto the end of a busy shoot. The rest fall onto the spine. More to come soon.

Size is important

I'm currently mulling over changing one of my camera systems, having been badly let down by the Hasselblad H4X last week. I used to love my Mamiya RZ, some of which I still have. Perhaps I could bring it out in this pimped up version to get the Assistants talking..


Great to see this series of pics rise again. I've a couple of celebrity autobiog's coming out soon, and here's the first that's just arrived on Amazon. I just remember Miranda's description of the ghastly reception girl at a well known London studio hire. She was so rude, she was down to be written in to the next series..

Little & Large

great shoot yesterday with the inimitable Danny DeVito. It was 1990, and my first cover shoot for the now defunct City Limits magazine. The shoot was at the Savoy and yesterday I brought the poster of it with me for a shoot at the (strange) location house-33 Portland Place. Dodging the naked ladies that peppered this old haunt, the shoot included highlights such as the whole crew and Danny singing 'My old man's a dustman' at the top of our voices. No idea if the shots were any good, but here's hoping.

Sugar but no Spice

Here is the shortest shoot ever. Lord Sugar is not a patient sitter, and not open to direction or much else it seemed last week. Crammed into a tiny area at Radio Times hq, I made the best of a five minute window and here's how it turned out:

Not big enough

Funny how a day's work can have a long life. Last year I spent a brief morning with Ricky Gervais and Warwick Davis at Spring Studios in London. I had worked with Ricky a few times before and so knew not to expect to direct much of the ideas myself, and so we choreographed a simple clean cover shot for the Radio Times promoting 'Life's Too Short'. Discussions followed and now HBO have run with posters of epic proportions by UK standards.


I've spent the last week mulling over going full out on expanding my Pilots project.
An exhibition and book remain my goal, and if I can just conclude my lighting plan, then we're off!
This is definitely where having an Agent has been a bonus.
Watch this space..