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Apprentice shoot at high speed

Here comes the change

Been at the Canon show today in town, and yes, photography is dead. Long live video? Why? Because we can. It seems that now we are running in the wake of new technology without really knowing why.In this case we are, as photographers, even ahead of our client base. Who will pay for the new toys and the time for editing? Feels like th arrival of digital all over again.
On the up side, I met the massively enthusiastic Nick Turpin who I have met in my wake on two recent photo sessions. Time to go a bit Strobist?

Domestic Goddess

New lights! After 10 years of steam driven Bowens, I have got some smashing new Profoto bits. My God, they recharge fast. Then, take One Roland Mouret dress and add 2 bags of icing sugar being thrown in the air by the DG herself. Finish shooting with a motor drive on and examine the results. Oh, yes, I was still using the Bowens as fill...Four frames is all that came out. Luckily, I only need one.

Debut music video direction- Annaca : 'Run'

Shot on my trusty Canon on a shoestring budget, here is my first adventure in film: