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'How quick can you do a shoot in?'

The words of Tom Gormer riniging in my ears as this cover shot had to be shot and out in one hour. The Saatchi gallery is a perfect venue even if it only has one plug socket, which is not in the gallery..


When times are quiet (only occasionally of course), I am eternally grateful for the wonders of reselling my copyrighted stock. The number of new photographers who seem quite happy to hand over their rights without so much of a 'what if?' amazes me. If nothing else, allowing the publishing group to sell on a split deal, on your behalf can bring in the money for little return. I have agreed with several companies to take a reduced rate in exchange for the return of All Rights after an agreed time.I just have to make sure that the images are being use in a positive way, which is not always possible. A few months back, Camera Press resold an image of Sir Norman Foster's wife that I had taken for the Times Magazine, to Ola!. It was a positive (if simplistic) piece in the Spanish equivalent of Hello. Several irate emails later and my hand was well and truely slapped in a 'what are you doing selling my picture there?' type way. This however is unusual as usually the subj…