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Finding a model

Strange jobs I have done.


Bizzare shoot for Stylist out in next few weeks. Suffice to say they struggled to get a suitable model...Great Radio Times party at Claridges this week. I even wore a hat!
Video shoots coming up as well as an Annual Report.


I've had a think and spent some money-the time for mini lighting is here. Tiny lights arrive as big ones go on E-Bay.

Hail Mary

Made with 1 part snow, 1 part flu and 2 parts not enough clothes, but who'd argue with Mary?

Miranda shoot video

or for the full fun & games, follow the link-

And then it snowed.

Fun shoots happen now and again and this was one of them. And then it snowed and for once, I wished I still lived in London.

Less kit for 2011

After a ridiculously exhausting shoot in Paris, I think the maxim of the Strobist may now apply-less kit fella!
Dragging over 100kg of kit up and down stairs and along streets on my own is both undignified and possibly now unnecessary. Time to look at those little Canon flashes again.

Can I say 'nearly a winner?'

How does 'Commended' sound? Not as good as 'Winner' I know, but that's where I am at in the Professional Photographer Magazine Portrait competition with this wee shot-

Pete Postlethwaite

RIP Pete. Shot him twice and will never forget his low key approach. He told the make up artist 'don't bother with any puffy on this face luv' and he was right. His rugged looks didn't need softening.