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Knackered this week Early starts on some epic shoots including a group shot of 12 on a roof facing St. Paul's Cathedral. Perfect set up and then a man with a sandwich walks into shot.Background pics coming soon.
Moving office later this week for the first time in 6 years. Finally I'll be able to figure out the myriad of wires behind my desk.
Upcoming shoot with a famous artist gives rise to pen & paper and ideas boards. Monday might be genius or then again, maybe daylight will do.

Behind the Scenes


Mr Potter

Looking through one of my syndication agency sites yesterday, I came across this photograph I took of a young Daniel Radcliffe. I remember his shyness, his charming mother and his lazy eye when he is tired (which you can see if you look carefully in the first Harry Potter film). Boy done good.


Preparations ensue for my next job using only my Speedlights. A first for me, after years of dragging large amounts of heaving flash gear around. New dawn?

Self portrait?

Well, no-one came up with a model for this shoot..honest.

'Stage' shoots-stills


Behind the scenes (time lapse)

It is time lapse this-even I don't work this fast. This is the 'Stage' shoot, shot over 2 days at Spring studios. Images coming to my main site shortly.


4 hours. that's the time it takes to retouch and deliver a dozen images from my latest epic 3 day shoot. The 'Stage' project will see the light of day in the next few weeks and includes some energised subjects of note cavorted around a studio. I blew the fuse at Spring Studios-a personal record I believe.

Playing God

Well, it here it is. The brief was 'Prof Brian Cox will be holding the sun in wonder of it'. 2 solutions were tried by your good self with the result that I used a strange glass orb from my living room (doesn't everyone have one?) and backlit the hell out of it. A few filters later and here's how it all resolved itself.