Year 4 Winner (just)

Wow, after making the final edit for three years on the trot, I have made the edit of winners of the 2019 Portrait of Britain Award, for the published book version (and not the digital displays).

Strangely, this was an image shot specially for the competition-something I've not done before . Planning next year's entry as we speak..

New acquisition by the NPG

Finally, six months after submission, I am thrilled to see that my Jacob Rees-Mogg image is now hanging in Room 37 of the National Portrait Gallery.

Whilst i am chuffed to bits, I'm not sure Mr Mogg will be asking for a copy..


I've just returned at some ungodly hour from the Winners' party for the Portrait of Britain exhibition in London's Docklands. A great night, with a chance to catch up with many influential snappers (and partake of a free bar..)
This image of the Deputy CEO of Hadlow College in Kent was selected along with 99 others, and can be seen on digital billboards across the country during September. This is my third year as a winner, which means I'm going to have to really give it some to get in next year..

Sir David Attenborough met a lion.

The thing about a commission is that it is rarely straightforward. A while back, Radio Times called to ask if I would like to photograph Sir David Attenborough (again), but with a few 'props'. Hmm,props ..ah yes of course-lion cubs, nice and easy. The idea developed into a simple Lion face/David face picture, except of course, you can't quite plan what might happen.
We turned up at David's house on a rainy day complete with backdrops and the usual disturbing amounts of kit. David looked worried when he saw it all. 'Can't we just do a quick snap in the garden?' he said. 15 mins later after much convincing, David let us in to set up in the available space. Thing is, I just wasn't sure exactly what was possible. The lion keepers suggested that milk might be the answer, but endless shots off a milk bottle would not be ideal. 
So, lights up and a table in place, I started to try and direct the shoot. Big mistake. David immediately engaged with the little be…

Portrait of Britain Exhibition 2017

It's been a while since I added to this Blog. I must have been busy..or lazy. Just to let you all know that for the second year running, I have been selected to be part of the Portrait of Britain exhibition in association with the British Journal of Photography. My picture will be part of a series showing on JC Decaux billboards in shopping centres and railway stations across the UK. The subject is Rebecca Bunce who I photographed originally as part of a feminists collective shoot. The struggle she had to stand for my photograph is hopefully reflected in the dignity of her stance. I'm not big on entering awards (let alone being selected), but this is one that I will continue to participate in, if it continues next year.

When an image ends up going viral..

Just occasionally, I will shoot an image that gets picked up a creates a (minor) Twitter moment, and I see it gaining a life of its' own. This image of the MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (Brexit enthusiast) is one of those moments. Shot originally for the Times Magazine, it was only when the Guardian reproduced it in a profile piece, that it got picked up on social media. The author and journalist Bonnie Greer reposted the image along with much praise, and before I knew it, it was bouncing all round the internet. The picture was then reposted by celebreties whilst being endlessly adapted by a few (cruel) Photoshop geeks, who added flames and comments on to my original image which gave it extra life in a new form. Following multiple online suggestions that the National Portrait Gallery should buy it, I added the image to a list of suggestions that I was already in the process of sending the gallery. To my suprise, the NPG  recently agreed to acquire the image (printed by Metro Imaging), and B…