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Spin Off

Not often that I give away images for nought. However, the BAFTA brochure people needed a recent image of our Rolf, and who am I to say no. Thank gawd he was lovely.

Watch the Python

Sitting and showing young Englebert Humperdink how to wear a 10 foot python:


My second shoot with our Rolf Harris, and again, a chance to watch the master in action with his brushes. Nice that the magazine bent their ideas round to my version, which is tricky to light.

I've got The Hump

6 weeks on from an unusual day, I can now at least reveal 1 of the 4 covers shot for the Times Magazine of our Hump dressed as iconic Rock Stars. What a strange day it was, especially trying to convince him to put a real 10ft python round his neck. Initially he said no, so I ignored my own horror, and draped it round mine to prove a point. We got 4 frames.
Here is a link to the Behind the Scenes video-