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More Miranda

So another fun day with Miss Hart. Falling over to instruction and generally mucking about whilst trying to stop her dog entering the frame. Perhaps I should have a 'Miranda' section on my website which you can view as a flick book..
The falling shot was done onto a crash mat using a high speed camera and flash-I tried it, and it was not easy to both look at the camera and land well. Over to the professional then.

Le President

A trip to Paris to snap President Hollande's ex proved enough to make the front of the Times, and the interest of much of the French media. I wonder what Valerie herself thought? Update-now in Paris Match too..

Graham Norton AR cover film

Here we go again..10 mins left at the end of a busy location shoot and we have to shoot the AR (Augmented Reality) film. Well, I did, and here is the full extended (sic) edit. 

Graham Norton AR (via Vimeo)