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The Concert

First and foremost, I'm a portrait photographer. I like to control situations and light them accordingly. This commission was though, the very opposite.

Shooting a gig is nuts-how do you know what will happen or what the light will be or where in the room to be? I have shot concerts before, but the snapper normally only gets the first three songs and is in 'The Pit' with a few others, hugging the sweet spot. So a chance to shoot the whole event with an Access All Areas pass is a rarity and a gem.

Underworld are a great band and the Roundhouse a great venue, but with no proper instrumentation and not much movement, trying to find the best angle and moment is a challenge. Great night it was, which would have been perfect if I hadn't had a lens lost and never to reappear in the crush and dancing..

Here is a small edit including some shots that the band used as part of their US promotion.

Our Tina

Causing a bit of stink recently has been the demise of BHS and the acquired wealth of Sir Philip Green's family.
I was asked a couple of years back to capture Lady Tina Green at an event opening in the West End. My ten mins with her was strange-she gave little away and did not want to be drawn on any friendly chat about Monaco. Mind you, I remember being told not to take my "professional looking camera outside" in Monaco, "the Police will stop you as the LOCALS don't like it.."
Still, checkout the BEAST of a diamond on her finger. Tax free of course.