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When an image ends up going viral..

Just occasionally, I will shoot an image that gets picked up a creates a (minor) Twitter moment, and I see it gaining a life of its' own. This image of the MP Jacob Rees-Mogg (Brexit enthusiast) is one of those moments. Shot originally for the Times Magazine, it was only when the Guardian reproduced it in a profile piece, that it got picked up on social media. The author and journalist Bonnie Greer reposted the image along with much praise, and before I knew it, it was bouncing all round the internet. The picture was then reposted by celebreties whilst being endlessly adapted by a few (cruel) Photoshop geeks, who added flames and comments on to my original image which gave it extra life in a new form. Following multiple online suggestions that the National Portrait Gallery should buy it, I added the image to a list of suggestions that I was already in the process of sending the gallery. To my suprise, the NPG  recently agreed to acquire the image (printed by Metro Imaging), and B…