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Caitlin Moran

It's not easy writing anything about someone who's job is to write about anything, but write it REALLY WELL.

I've been snapping Caitlin Moran for many years now. Sometimes for the Times, where she writes both a column, and for the magazine where she is often required to tolerate such extremes as camping at Glastonbury, and doing extended photo shoots with me. In fact shoots with me can go on long enough, that they make it into her writing. I'm not sure if pride or horror should accompany her description of sobbing after 8 hours of being photographed by me-a story that made it into her bestseller 'How to be a Woman'.

Still, we get along fine, and I think I know why as she says here-

"I have such insane love for any photographer who SORTS HIS FUCKING LIGHTS OUT before people come on set. You'd be amazed how many don't, and faff around while you stand there, with all your vibe slowly draining."

Another couple of cover shoots featuring Ms Moran w…

Out takes

Sometimes it's just really tricky to decide which picture lights my fire. Which one serves a need. which one says the most and yet fits in with the rest.
This shot doesn't fit in but makes me smile. 'Please turn around Mary Berry.'

Sometimes I shoot other kinds of pictures

One of a series from Men's Health magazine.