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TV Show

Why to all my commissions collide on the same day? However, finally agreeing to appear as a photographer on a new BBC 3 series is a relief as it seems to have been in the offing forever. Shame to turn down a cracking job offer from Radio Times.

I pity my poor Mercedes that will for the second time in a week, be driven in 'low rider' mode. Direct Lighting cases seem to weigh more than me.

More soon!

TV show

The final phone call has come which suggests that I am off in the next few weeks to be part of a new TV series, where I will be photographing on camera. More news when I'm allowed.

Just passing by when I spotted this (honest)


Boogie Woogie

Watching the Jools Holland show on iPlayer this morning, I noticed that the BBC are still using an old shot I took for them years ago at the top of a staircase.
Both times I have shot Jools, he has been both a pleasure to be with and yet a very unsettled subject. Basically, you have to be ready and on it.
During this shoot I remember sitting literally under his piano for some bizzare reason whilst he recorded a piece with his band in the adjoining studio. Loud and wonderful it was.

Theatre Darling

Cripes, I'm happy. Possible TV show in the offing and then I finally see the first image from the 'Much Ado' poster that we have been putting together for the Wyndhams theatre. Really excited especially once I see it up around town. Perhaps they might even send me one for my office?