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Augmented Reality

Taking photographs is what I do. I stand watching, looking, waiting for the moment. well not any more. Following my AR shoot for the Stylist Olympics issue in the summer, I was asked by the Times Magazine to short some short AR's for an issue that would be App friendly. The subject was the Royal Ballet's Nutcracker, and the brief was only that it had to feel like a familiar Times still, with a seamless transition into a moving image. Sound easy? No, No, No! After much humming and scratching of chin, I decided that we would cover the job using a Red movie camera. Stills at reasonable resolution could be pulled from it with a bit of planning. The lighting was altered to echo my typical Times style (with HMI), and the action all shot in reverse so that playback would have a nice finish. A £100,000 camera 2ft long is not an every day solution, but the fact is doing this alone is making me rethink my future investment and training into moving image. Watch this space..

Moving vs still

Tricky to write about my latest project as I have to keep the detail under wraps currently, but suffice to say, it involved the use of a Red Epic camera. A bit odd to see £100,000 worth of kit being assembled in studio and knowing that I could not possibly even know how to turn it on. The change in mind set with using cameras like this is profound. No flash and yet looking at the light is quite difficult to judge. The contrast ratio seems different and the sharpness certainly is. Not being able to fire the button myself seems weird. Anyway I shall be posting what I was up to in the next few weeks. It will of course not be straight forward, but should look interesting.