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Best December ever-which I realise doesn't ft with the on going doom vibe. Dubai again was fun and reminded me how strange a country that has no water be to have undersea restaurants like this- More TV stuff from BBC South East News promoting my 'Distinguished' project this week, with a web link to the online version- A late night phone call asking me to shoot Dara O'Briain came in whilst I was entertaining 21 women for a Mrs H spectacular last night-I could have done without the 6am call!


Early in in my career, I bought my first mobile phone. They were not common, infact no one I knew had one. Sitting on a train heading north to a job, I stared at it in wonder. It did not ring. It did not ring because I didn't know that you had to turn it on. I know I know, but these were different times-I just thought a call would 'wake it up'. Anyway, I lost my first and only call to work for GQ Magazine. But hey, they just bought my pic and love it (see Twitter). Top proper chuffed.


Hurrah to another Who cover for RT published. This was a difficult shoot only in that it was shot in sections with very little free time for the actors. Matt is tremendous though. If they could just move the filming to Kent..

Hit the Deck

Sometimes I get to complete a great shoot where everyone is happy and the picture gets pulled by someone at the top. A recent two day shoot for Weekend Magazine is a case in point. What fun was had balancing Channel 4 presenters on a girder in a studio to create a cover spoof of the classic New York steel workers shot. All approved it was supposed to be last week's cover-but no. Bring on Jamie Christmas Oliver. Well, there you go, but a bit maddening when the job is executed to brief and completed on schedule after a fairly hefty shoot. I can't post the proposed cover, but here was the intended inside layout: