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Cor. What a week. Crazy schedule last week including a CD and magazine cover on the same day, 2 studio shoots and a phone call to'GO NOW!' to a certain TV show set in Wales. Currently staring at 80GB of work to process...

Shoot update

Finally finished retouching on shoots for a new Autobiography as well as a fun shoot with the new Doctor Who and his Assistant. Despite the hideous drive to Cardiff, I can now claim to have shot all the "Who's' back to Pertwee. Not bad for a fan.

Bang the drum

Keep finding recent snaps taken after shoots-this one is of Nick Mason's drumset (Pink Floyd) which sat in the corner of his office. Why can't all drum sets look this good?


Been reading Tom Baker's great Autobiography (Who on Earth is Tom Baker?) on flights recently. Very strange and funny , much like the man himself. Found an old shoot I took of him that suggests this rather well.

Never meet your heroes..

So says the mantra and generally I agree. Shooting Gary Numan was great and no let down. Sorry but I'm 19 again.

Jenson Button-the inside story

It takes me ages to get round to things, but checkout this video of me trying to shoot Jenson Button, F1 champ, from the passenger seat. Think Bluewater car park, 100 mph and lots of smoke..

Orlando via Detroit?

As I suspected-when you allow the client's booking team to arrange flights, you find yourself on a flight to Florida via Michigan to save a tenner. After a grilling and a half at Customs, they finally allowed myself and my client, Chris (see with truck), in to the warmth of their country.

We had come to shoot the second fastest runner in the world (Tyson Gay), although being number two doesn't sound all that great does it.

Shooting abroad these days involves loads of prep and the hiring of local talent. Scott was my man and was rather good at his game. With a pickup full of Profoto, we headed off to the location and shot till he'd had enough. The light in Florida makes the whole job so much easier. It is almost distracting to look around as there are constant echoes of every documentary book where brightly coloured fire hydrants plague the page.

The afternoon off gave me the chance to cruise the Florida swamps via an Air Boat. Despite 1 million Alligators they proved incredib…