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It was hot in the kitchen, but since I was being fed by Alain Ducasse, I had no worries. as an terrible cook, I could only gawp as I watched the Maestro at work.

Monte Carlo is an extra ordinary place but only because of the wealth. You end up looking for the normal cars. But since this was UK editorial. me and assistant dragged our gear up to the bus stop.

Checkout the next Observer Food Monthly and let me know if it was worth it.


Watching the repeats again forced me out to buy Sherlock on DVD. Fantastic everything including really clever camera work.

Here is a found image from my hard drives which I remember waiting hours in the snow for 2 mins of action. The crop was dictated by the entire crew de-rigging around us.

Shoot it on grey!

Latest group shoot in for Easy Living Magazine:

Risen in July

I am finally around, oh yes. Trouble is not being able to mention or illustrate shoots as they remain often secret until publication.
Recent fun shoots have included Downton Abbey , new shoots for Marie Claire, 15 min shoot in the River Cafe kitchen (sweat).

Some great portfolio viewings have reminded me to get out there again! The Lucid Rep message of shooting what you really love is paying off and it is my target to create a book of non commissioned work to contrast with all my visible images.

My Tom Daley shoot finally hit the shelves. This involved a small window to shoot Tom diving from a 5 metre board in a dark dark pool. Call in the Profoto pack on high speed and some trick triggers and I thought I had it sussed. The blast of images was halted only by my realisation that the noise reduction settings on the Canon restrict the burst rate. Not what you need when he can only dive a few times. Still learning.

Here's a fun shoot end to finish with- The Only Way is Essex (Kent didn&#…