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Turn around!

Took my boys to the footie recently. First time I have been for 20 years. Quite something it was. Only one goal and I am proud to be the only person to be facing the other way.

Radio Times Covers Party

Bleary eyed morning hallo to Mr Matt Bannister who told me last night of his imminent dive into the freelance world. As someone who has never had a proper job, I can only wonder at what it must be like. Welcome to the always available, never ill, no social life world of self-employment chum. No such thing as a normal day though.

Jodi Picoult advert

Finally, the Jodi Picoult ad that I shot last summer has been aired. I should point out that this was shot in 3 hours at the end of a hectic promotional photo shoot.

Found images

Searching around the web for 20 mins is enough to find the odd legitimate as well as dodgy MH image. Here is a new record cover despite the image being years old. Infact, this is an early digital effort, shot at sea in Sweden over a fabulous weekend.

And finally..

All that press

Here is an edit from an article in a local rag about this here local snapper.. “Mark Harrison said Richard Branson was usually doing something in a photograph, and he told him to just stop it.. I just put muy hand on his shoulders and asked him to stop."I just put my hands on his shoulders and asked him to stop." Tunbridge Wells photographer Mark Harrison's photograph, published on the cover of The Times magazine earlier this year, showed an extraordinarily quiet, pensive picture of one of Britain's top entrepreneurs. "That's why I love doing portraits," said Mr Harrison, who lives in the town with his family. "As usual, I'd looked at all the pictures of the subject I could find, because I really wanted to show the Richard Branson you don't normally see." Commissioned by the magazine to take pictures of Labour leader- in-waiting Ed Miliband the day before his election, Mr Harrison prepared to meet his subject in the unpromising surrou…

2012 here we go

Greetings from the rain soaked bowels of 2012. No better start to the year than an inbox longer that the A21, even if there are only so many 'WEX' offers I can sift through. Christmas cards arriving more by email these days, and funny to see my own car boot grace one-what impression must I give to my poor Assistants? A bunch on New Year covers have landed on the mat as well. This Weekend one reminds me of how much fun a set build can be and how difficult shooting the lead in advance, on a different day in a different city can be..