When times are quiet (only occasionally of course), I am eternally grateful for the wonders of reselling my copyrighted stock. The number of new photographers who seem quite happy to hand over their rights without so much of a 'what if?' amazes me. If nothing else, allowing the publishing group to sell on a split deal, on your behalf can bring in the money for little return. I have agreed with several companies to take a reduced rate in exchange for the return of All Rights after an agreed time.I just have to make sure that the images are being use in a positive way, which is not always possible. A few months back, Camera Press resold an image of Sir Norman Foster's wife that I had taken for the Times Magazine, to Ola!. It was a positive (if simplistic) piece in the Spanish equivalent of Hello. Several irate emails later and my hand was well and truely slapped in a 'what are you doing selling my picture there?' type way. This however is unusual as usually the subject has agreed to be interviewed by the publication. Let's see if Mr Cumberbatch notices my latest sale -

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