Doctor Who-it's popular you know

Being even vaguely attached to this monster of a show is very strange. Like most kids of, well, a lot of generations, I loved the Who. Sci Fi and Monsters. Oh yes, what else was a boy to watch of a Saturday?
Back in the 90's, it came as a thrill to end up photographing John Pertwee (not shown here) as part of a minor reprise the show had as part of Children in Need, where most of these other cover shots were done. It was though, at the point, all a bit naff. a show from the past that was not holding up in time (sic). 
Cut to all these years on and it's been a constant now since I was offered the chance to cover the shows images for the Christopher Eccleston rebirth. We shot for hours in Cardiff with Russell T Davies watching from the sidelines as I tried directing a series I had yet to see. Ecclestone's face when I tried to create more energy from his character was a picture. Still, the show wasn't going to last was it?
Now all these years on and every time I visit the studios and see my shots grace the posters or toys, I wonder what the 10 year old me would make of it all. The show is a triumph with each new Doctor improving on the last.
Oh, and more Who news coming before Christmas along with a great video behind the scenes of our last shoot. I wonder if Mr Capaldi will let me in?

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