Hanging Around

Variety is the word this week: James Corden (wearing lipstick), 10 hours of yoga and 2 days of hanging from a studio rafters over a bed with couples in for Marie Claire. Nothing that college can prepare you for anyway. With my final old Bowens pack going to the spark in the sky and 1 of my new Profoto heads spitting the dummy, this has been also a week of learning t relove daylight and other people's equipment. The OFM trip to Monte Carlo was a great reminder that by wacking up the ISO on a 5D, I just don't need much flash. I have a live on set shoot on 'This Morning' on Friday so we'll see whether I stand by these words then. It would certainly ease my Oesteopathy bill.Here are some of my thoughts on cover design as requested by the wonderful Tom at Stylist Magazine . I think I am in good company here-

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