Adding a post it note

The only trouble when one hands over the' finals' to clients down the line, is that there is always so much more that would be great to add as a kind of post it note: 'Thing was, I know we had 2 hours, but your leading, main shot, was tagged on in the last 5 mins.' 'He wouldn't do it'. 'She was not told about it'. You get the picture. Well in the case of this shoot for the cool store LN-CC, it was more a case of 1 small packed room, 3 people and no you can't move the clothes. Infact, no you can't move the people or their expressions either. Hence my maxim that you will only survive as a skinny snapper to fit in those corners, and the make do and mend approach is one to hold on to. Excuses are pointless at the end of it all. The Editor will only want results!

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