On set Specials Photography

Death in Paradise-BBC One:

Once or twice a year, I return to where I started, by shooting a TV series Specials set up. Specials are different to stills in that they are choreographed set piece images where you get to control the look of a shot. These pics usually end up as magazine promo pics or DVD box set images.

This is the third time I have taken on this easy going detective drama, twice in 2014 in fact. On the plus side there is the Caribbean, and what with most of the settings being outdoors, the sun/beaches/jungle...actually surely it's all pluses? Well almost. It's just INCREDIBLY hot. That sort of humid heat that means you are wet within two mins of leaving any air conditioning, you are soaked. And more's the point, your camera gear is soaked.

The other main challenge has to be shooting for a week, on location, with lights, but without my usual Assistant and with limited help. Still, that O'level French finally came in handy as Guadeloupe is a French dependancy with little English spoken.

Glad to see the shots out there-even if you can't see the impending storm that followed several set ups, or my extraordinary shorts, and yes, that is me IN THE SEA.

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