Always charge your batteries beforehand

So there I was, 11am in deepest Sussex getting my wife's car fixed (again), when the phone rings: 'Get yourself to an East London Studio by 1pm for a cover shoot with Caitlin Moran'.

Wizzing home to pick up my kit, I prayed that the camera batteries were charged (just enough in the end), and rushed up to town.

Nothing worse than finding your subject waiting for you at a studio, but Caitlin's an old pro and simply smiled at my sweaty visage as she finished her article. The nice thing about this job was that although we had a bunch of Glastonbury props to choose from, we kind of made this cover up on the spot.

I used some big wide lighting from Profoto (now a must for all shoots) and went with no hair&make up as it seemed irrelevant to the piece.

I just hope it doesn't make her look like she is sitting on the loo..

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