I need a Doctor

Two days of my repartee was the trial that Matt & Jenna braved through for two Who shoots the other week. One for Radio Times and one for the Times Magazine. You can imagine the confusion with all conversation involving the word 'Times'. Suffice to say that these were two pressured short shoots, but with a bit of sweat and tears, all elements shot and completed. Radio Times wanted shots for a variety of uses including composites (and very much in character), whilst the Times wanted a more 60's fashion feel along with an Augmented Reality film. The great thing about these two actors is that I explained the shot list once, and they just 'got it'. I can't tell you how unusual this is. To understand how cover shoots work you need a real sense of artificial closeness as required by layout, along with a varied of positions and presentation in sympathy with the lighting. Matt & Jenna are great and delivered all the right expressions and passion for the course of our shoots. The Augmented Reality video had to be completed in the last 40 mins of our time and (as usual), was a steep learning curve. Pre-lit, we still had to reset the Canon for video and awkwardly frame the video upright to match the cover shape, along with a crop. Sight lines were marked, but the timing and exact performance were decided upon at the time. Good job these two are used to green screen work. Unfortunately the sound mike's battery packed up on the last take, and so we had to add Jenna's laughter from a previous one. The title's destruction was completed to brief by Seed Animation and I am glad to hear my clap making the final cut. Who knows if AR is the future, but plenty of magazines currently seem keen to try it out.

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