The future of magazines?

I can't help but wonder where the still photograph will be in a few years time. The surge of video and moving images is destined to change the way we access and use our images forever.With that in mind, it is always a blessing to have a challenge, and when Mr Tom Gormer of Stylist rang a while back asking for a 'moving cover's the British Synchronised Swimming Team, I wondered how it might be done. No mainstream UK magazine had done this, but luckily, I had shot something similar for a Sensodyne Ad a few months back.Blippar is an App program on your phone that when you hover over a tagged cover, will turn the still into a short film. With a 30 second time limit and the need for a seamless transition, the obvious solution was the Red camera. Trouble is, it really is a video camera that happens to shoot stills and not the other way round.We had 1 hour to shoot this whole project with no rehearsal so my solution was to rig up two Canons, one for the stills and one for the video.Lighting was the other issue with flash ruled out (with the video), so we used one of my Assistants to trial the positions. We also marked out positionals in the pool although the girls were so good that they didn't need them.The result with some behind the scenes pics are below, so let me know what you all think.

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