Cripes it's been too long since I posted. Lots going on.
Technical-I've invested in new toys (all necessary I may add). The Profoto D1's-Wow is all I'll say. Superb kit. Faultless and have revolutionised my working day. Bang on every frame and clients commenting on the look of the light which is no bad thing.
I now also work from a monopod for the first time and feel freed up to treat it like my own microphone stand, swing all over the studio with every frame sharp.
Bad news though is the usb tether connection from my Canon 5D Mk 11's. Both gone along with a shutter. Not a cheap week. There just must be a better solution to connectivity.

Snaps-Great fun shoots for Marie Claire and Easy Living recently whilst a day at Downton Abbey on set reminded me how tricky film sets can be.
I believe my Jodi Picoult posters are up and we are tweaking the voice over on the forthcoming TV commercial.
A day at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers was tremendous in its scale and talent, marred only by choosing to shoot in a building next door to the Pension protests in Parliament Square. I couldn't begin to get my car near to pick up afterwards. Saved by Direct Lighting couriers.

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